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Attorney Profile

Raleigh Accident Attorney • Durham Injury Litigation Lawyer

Christopher R. Nichols, Partner, Nichols Law Firm

Real Experience from Start to Finish

I am Attorney Christopher R. Nichols, and I offer more than 20 years of personal injury trial law experience providing responsive communications and personal attention to your needs. I have real trial experience, and insurance companies know that if I take your case, I will not stop until you receive a fair result, even if that means taking your case to trial.

The personal injury law office of Nichols Law Firm has become recognized as an effective, quality personal injury trial lawyer firm, serving residents of Raleigh, and communities throughout North Carolina.

Personalized Attention

Unlike some big advertising law firms, I only accept a small number of the most serious personal injury cases. I never farm out my cases to other lawyers, and if I accept your case into the Nichols Law Firm, you are assured that only I will handle your personal injury case from start to finish. All personal injury lawyers charge basically the same fee, so why would you want your case to be just a number at a giant law firm? At the Nichols Law firm, I know each client by name, and every new client gets my direct dial phone number. I don't screen my calls, I don't pass you off to a secretary. Because I only accept the most deserving clients, I can give more attention to each person and family that I help.

Free Consultations

I offer free telephone and in-person consultations for all new clients. If you cannot come to me, I will come to you, even on weekends. When we meet, I will fully explain how the law applies to your personal injury claim, and, together, we will decide what the best legal options may be for you and your family. I have earned a reputation throughout the North Carolina legal system for my responsiveness to my clients' needs and my commitment to helping you get fair and just compensation when you have been hurt by another person's carelessness.

Cutting-edge Technology

My office uses state-of-the-art technology and communications equipment, and new clients can be set up with free internet communications tools such as video conferencing so that you can meet with me, via the Internet, without leaving your home or office. Of course, I'm always available to meet with you in-person.

In addition to the technology used at the Nichols Law Firm, I am also dedicated to educating other lawyers on how to maximize a fair and just recovery for clients. I recently published, through Lexis/Nexis, the first and only manual for personal injury liens in North Carolina. You can view the book here.

When you are searching for quality personal injury representation in the Raleigh area, contact the accident lawyer's office of Nichols Law Firm, to schedule a no-cost consultation. I stay committed to you and will personally handle your legal case from start to finish.

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