Chris Nichols Profile Transcript

Chris Nichols Profile Transcript

GRAPHIC: NICHOLS LAW FIRM, personal injury and accident law

CHRIS NICHOLS: I'm Chris Nichols with the Nichols Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm a trial attorney practicing statewide on all matters of personal injury.

My law firm is a small law firm that [phonetic] I bring a wide variety of experience to the table. I started in a small town, in a general practice, then I started working for a large law firm, and I was the director of litigation for that law firm. And so in a much shorter period of time, I had a lot of trial experience; far more so than most lawyers who represent injured people. I'm hired by other law firms quite often to take their cases forward.

I've always worked in the trial area, and the interesting thing about dealing with insurance companies is that if you're not willing to take the case forward or you're not able to take the case forward, they know that, and they will hold back in their negotiations. So when you call me, what you have is an attorney whom they know each and every time, if they're not doing what's fair, we will keep going forward.

GRAPHIC: NICHOLS LAW FIRM, personal injury and accident law, 919-915-0212,