Raleigh North Carolina Personal Transcript

Raleigh North Carolina Personal Injury Transcript

GRAPHIC: NICHOLS LAW FIRM, personal injury and accident law

CHRIS NICHOLS: I'm Chris Nichols from the Nichols Law Firm, and I represent people. I have more time to work on your case. I do the case development on my own — occasionally with assistance — but I'll actually go out to scenes and investigate what's happened. I'll talk to witnesses. [Voiceover: "Nichols Law firm, this is Chris Nichols."] And because of that I will always know more about your case than just about any other lawyer will.

But [phonetic] I have a consistent rate of taking cases to trial and having good success with those cases. So the insurance companies know Chris Nichols will try the case. And in some ways, that's the only way to get justice in your case. If the insurance company is refusing to be reasonable, then you have to be able to force them to go to a trial.

Because my law firm does work for other law firms, trying their cases, we have a constant flow of trials. Insurance companies know that and they respect the fact that if they say no to us, we have another way of getting justice.

GRAPHIC: NICHOLS LAW FIRM, personal injury and accident law, 919-915-0212, www.nicholstriallaw.com