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Arbitration Can Be An Effective Means To Resolve An Insurance Dispute

Not all injury claims go to court, or get settled in the lawyer’s offices. In many cases, a professional arbitrator or mediator can help both parties reach an amicable agreement that resolves the matter without how court costs and attorneys’ fees.

In North Carolina, most uninsured and underinsured insurance policies provide for binding arbitration at the request of the injured party. Binding arbitration often proves faster, more predictable and cheaper than a jury trial. At the personal injury arbitrator’s law office of Nichols Law Firm, we are proud of the professional arbitration services we have provided for more than 20 years.

Attorney Christopher R. Nichols believes that many personal injury claims should be settled without the involvement of judge or jury. Insurance companies are often aware that their initial settlement offer will not be accepted, and will therefore agree or be bound to independent arbitration to avoid the costs associated with prolonged litigation. If you are seeking an arbitrator to serve on a panel for your personal injury claim, contact the Raleigh arbitration lawyer’s office of Nichols Law Firm to discuss ways that arbitration can help you reach a fair settlement.

Understanding Arbitration

Arbitration simply means you and the defendant in your claim agree to accept the settlement determined by an independent arbitrator. It is often the most cost-effective means of reaching a settlement that is fair to both sides.

Attorney Christopher Nichols is recognized throughout the North Carolina personal injury legal system as an effective, professional independent arbitration representative and mediator. Getting the results you need doesn’t have to mean paying the high costs of litigation.

The firm provides professional arbitration representation in the following areas of trial law:

  • Personal injury disputes
  • Workers’ compensation claims disputes
  • Insurance claims disputes and litigation
  • Construction arbitration

For more information about our arbitration services, including fees and costs, contact us online or call 919-915-0212 to schedule a consultation.

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