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What Past Clients Say

Dear Chris,

Thanks again for all your help. Please feel free to use me as a referral. You have been extremely helpful. If I do need legal advice in the future, I will certainly contact you.

K.W., Raleigh

Dear Mr. Nichols,

The integrity of professionals like you is the very core that gives meaning to why our military fight and die for the very freedoms you represent… the morality of our legal system should take you as an example…. It is even more impressive that you hold your integrity … based on your own reputation and not as a paid employee shuffling paperwork for just another day at the office……..

Best regards,

J. Y.

Dear Chris:

Thank you in advance for your continued commitment to my case and its particulars! Thank you as well for your time, patience and expert counsel. Although I am anxious for resolution, I look forward to our ongoing attorney/client relationship.

Thanks again!
S. R.

I’m writing this email to let you know what type of person Chris Nichols is. In September 2004, it felt like my world was falling apart. I was hurt, scared and angry and did not know which way to turn.

I called the firm Chris was working at and asked if there was anyone who could help represent my husband. They connected me to Chris Nichols. The day that Chris spoke to me I was so broken. I was raw with emotion, scared, in shock and didn’t trust a soul at that point. Well, Chris got on the phone. A stranger to me, an attorney that did not know me, but he gave so much in just a couple phone conversations. I told him the situation and he gave me a name of an attorney who he believed might be able to assist in this type of case, because I had no idea which way to turn. He was so sincere with his advice and I could hear in his voice he truly wanted to help me in this terribly broken, vulnerable state I was in. He expressed compassion and genuine concern. I was grateful that he took time out of his schedule to talk to me.

He didn’t have to be so kind to me. This wasn’t the type of case his firm handled and he didn’t know me. I wasn’t an existing client, nor was he taking on this case for me to become one. It didn’t matter. He treated me as if my problem was the only one before him and he didn’t even know me. I have yet to meet Chris in person and it has taken me awhile to sort things out for my children and myself… Chris Nichols is truly compassionate and you should know that I will always be indebted and grateful to him for showing me so much kindness when he did not have to. When I pulled out the Yellow Pages back in September I was throwing out my hand for someone to pull me in and help save me, Chris grabbed a hold of my hand. He pulled me in. His kindness was more valuable to me than he will probably ever know.

I will never forget his willingness to reach out and help. I wanted you to know that you have an outstanding man on your team. He is a credit to his profession and a man of compassion and integrity.

Kim W.

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