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Victims Of Sexual Abuse May Be Able To File A Civil Lawsuit

The stories have been everywhere the past several years. Adults who were injured by sexual abuse when they were children are coming forward to report the harm they suffered to their body and soul. Laws are starting to recognize that sexual abuse leaves a lasting scar on children, and compensation must be made available.

Attorney Christopher R. Nichols has worked with victims of sexual abuse and their families to get justice from abusers. He never represents perpetrators of abuse, only the innocent victims. While the criminal justice system may have failed to put the abuser in jail, civil remedies can make the abuser pay for needed medical and psychological treatment for the victim. Even adults abused as children may be able to seek justice in some situations.

Speaking out, through a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer, can help stop the cycle of abuse and the conspiracy of silence. Your voice will finally be heard. Contact our office to learn more about your options.

At the personal injury law office of Nichols Law Firm, we believe that the only way to make sexual abusers stop is to make sure they pay with heavy criminal and civil penalties while respecting the rights and privacy of the victims. Christopher Nichols has helped adults and children put their lives back in order after being abused sexually and emotionally.

For more information about child sexual abuse litigation law, contact our Raleigh office to schedule a no-cost consultation about your case. We will listen with compassion, and follow through with passion. Mr. Nichols has more than 25 years of extensive trial law experience, and he is recognized throughout North Carolina for getting results for clients. If you were sexually abused, or if you have a minor in your family who was sexually abused, let’s start the healing together.

We Handle All Types Of Child Sexual Abuse Injury Litigation

  • Clergy sexual abuse
  • Boy Scouts sexual abuse
  • Sexual abuse by relatives
  • Teacher sexual abuse
  • Sexual assault, rape
  • Spousal sexual abuse
  • Medical professional sexual abuse

If you are an attorney seeking a professional referral for a client who has suffered injuries from sexual abuse, we can assist with arbitration matters or trial.

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